As I near the end of my 4th decade on this planet, I find myself filled with awe and gratitude. My thirties held so much for me – change, growth, love, and loss. Most importantly though, my thirties solidified my commitment to myself, my commitment to authenticity.

This decade brought me a career in advertising, two books and a blog. It brought me joy and it brought me heartbreak. I left a marriage that I knew wasn’t right for me and friendships that no longer served me. I got hurt and I hurt people. I formed new bonds and forged new friendships. I bought houses that I built into homes. I fell in love and I fell apart. And through it all, I settled more into myself. Getting comfortable in my own skin, learning to turn towards pain rather than away from it. I have learned that you can’t experience joy without pain, and the grief is a blessing because it is evidence of love. How grateful I am for this life and these lessons. How grateful I am for all of the pieces that have made up my story.