Dear Love, I’m Ready for You is the 4th volume in the 4x award winning Dear Women book series.

Winner of the Foreword Indies Finalist in Family and Relationships, Dear Love, I’m Ready for You is a collection of stories about the power of love. Not fairytale prince and princess love — real-life love. The kind that challenges you, brings you to your knees, cracks you open, and pushes you to build a better version of yourself, every single day. This transformative love is real and messy and comes in infinite packages. Love is not only for romantics, we experience it within family, friendships, workplaces and hobbies, but where it needs the most attention is in the love for the self. It is the most potent force in the world. When we open our hearts and are willing to be led by and work with this powerful force, miracles will happen.

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Dear Love, I’m Ready For You

by Sara Gustafson
contributing authors: Christine Esovoloff, Pam Davis, Apryl Norkett, Carley Inglis, Roberta Fernandez, Chelsea Forrest, Heather Lee Chapman, Jess Harvey, Saira Amjad, Habiba Jessica Zaman, J.R. Huff, Danielle Laura, Corinne Walsh Stratton, Jess Reidell, Maryann Perri, Tamara Simpers, Mandy Valpey