Christine Esovoloff

Published Author, Public Speaker, Marketing Exec

Christine Esovoloff is a published author, speaker, and marketing exective. She has been penning stories since she was old enough to hold a pen, and has always had a passion for helping and entertaining. She initally pursued a career in Social Work but quickly realized that a career in writing and marketing was much more fun.

She has co-authored an award-winning book with Canadian Publisher, Golden Brick Road Publishing House, and is currently the lead author on an upcoming book, Fear Less (publishing in Spring 2021). When she is not busy with writing, work, or family, you can usually find her hiking, sipping some delicious Okanagan wine, or getting bendy in a hot yoga class.

“Christine Esovoloff  was a guest speaker for a P.E.O. Membership Event. She was very professional in all her correspondence and by the time we met in person, I felt like I knew her! Christine understood our audience and effectively engaged us with her friendly approach and polished slide show. I would recommend Christine Esovoloff as a guest presenter for any women’s organization.”

Debora Soutar, P.E.O. Sisterhood

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