Running towards rejection

Balancing life with humor and a touch of gingersnap

Disclaimer – I had, in my opinion, a bit of an abnormal, normal childhood. It certainly wasn’t terrible by any means … I don’t want to give anyone the wrong idea … but there were definitely some aspects of it that were unique. Now whether these stories of my childhood and youth are worth telling, well that’s a matter of opinion I suppose, but I figured I would give it a go here. So grab a glass of wine, maybe two, and enjoy. We’ll call this Chapter 1.

My father’s name was Delbert. Not a great name if you ask me, I would have liked my father to have a cooler name … but, what are ya going to do?!

His name is one of the handful of things I know about him. Like a really small handful. Among the others – he worked in construction, had a dog named…

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